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Power Washing



We use soft washing to effectively remove mold, mildew, dirt, and other buildup from your home, business, or industrial complex. This low pressure approach is safe for all exterior materials.




house power washing

After a long winter, you’ll probably notice that your house is looking a little grimy. If you’re tired of looking at your dirty and stained siding, it’s probably time to give your home a deep clean. We can help! Shack Shine has the professional equipment and the know how to get your home shining brighter than ever. Our technicians can safely and efficiently clean the exterior of most homes in a day.

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Unsightly dark streaks or algae often appear on roof shingles because of a lack of natural light. Many homeowners often mistake this as weathering and think they need to replace the roof. Most of the time, your roof may just need a thorough cleaning.


Deck Cleaning

Whether or not your deck looks dirty, you should wash it. Not only is a dirty deck unattractive, the slippery surface poses a safety risk. Mildew and mold will cause damage if not removed. Pressure washing does the best job at blasting away dirt.

Sweep the deck regularly to reduce debris buildup. Leaves and dirt will break down and cause damage and stains over time.

When cleaning, follow any directions included with the deck cleaner. A long-handled scrub brush will make the work go quickly. If the deck is small, a good scrubbing can replace pressure washing. You can apply a mixture of water and a small amount of bleach. Rinse the mixture well before doing any other work.

Larger decks need pressure cleaning twice a year, at the beginning of spring and again in the early fall

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